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mechanical engineer

Engineering is a fascinating area. The original definition went something along the lines of: “Engineering is a branch of science concerned with the design, building and use of engines, machines and structures.”

Cycle forward a few years and you appreciate that engineering and its engineers are responsible for some of the major developments in our technologically advanced world. Think: putting people on the moon; the first solar powered aeroplane; pieces of metal less than 3 cms wide that can store music; and rectangular objects that enable you to have a telephone conversation with someone thousands of miles away, while you are driving your car in cruise control.

Yes engineering has come a long way. Not surprising when you realise that one of the key attributes of an engineer are his or her problem solving abilities. Add into this the additional skills of: organisation, planning, design, mathematics, project management and communication and you can appreciate why skilled engineers are sought by engineering companies across the UK.
When it comes to industrial growth in the UK the engineering sector is responsible for a significant part of it.

Though for some engineering companies the garden is not completely full of roses. With a technologically advanced area like engineering comes a potential skills shortage. Or at least the ability of a company to find an ideal employee with the right technical skills.

“M65 Recruitment has a good track record of supplying us with excellent quality candidates, all of whom have been screened to closely match our specification.
In our experience m65 have proved to be professional in their approach and we are more than happy with their service and would recommend the company to other businessess without hesitation quote2

Production Manager
Engineering Co

“The level of service provided by M65 has been excellent. From the initial contact, they quickly gained a good understanding of our requirements, our methods of work and the type of candidate we were seeking.

We have built an excellent working relationship with M65 and they respond quickly and efficiently to our requests, but don’t waste time by sending unsuitable candidates. They immediately work on our request and don’t bombard us with unnecessary telephone calls.quote2

HR Manager
Engineering Co

That is where M65 have a proven track record of matching up the ideal highly skilled employee with a company that can deliver a rewarding new role.

We are renowned for, ‘interrogating’- in a nice way!’ both candidates and clients so we make sure the right candidate and role are matched. Time is of the essence for everyone concerned and this is at the forefront of everything we do at M65. This has resulted in our reputation for delivering high quality candidates at speed, often within a matter of days.

To find out how quickly we might be able to deliver the perfect engineering candidate or the dream company to work for. Call us on our 24 hour helpline on 0333 3441975